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The Buggy is a Tramp January 9, 2009

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Tee Gee Eye Eff, Party Peeps! Can I just tell you how incredibly stoked I am that it’s the weekend. Yesterday was a piping hot pile of you know what for me, starting with a Migraine and ending with a nice rest on the side of the freeway with a broken down car.

I have a VW Beetle. She’s pretty cute. Great gas mileage, compact yet spacious interior, and even a cutesy flower vase on the dash for extra sassiness. My Buggy, however, has an issue. She runs great and gets me where I need to go, but then occasionally (maybe once or twice a year) she decides she’s just had enough. She finds some excuse to tell me something is wrong with her; like a faulty Check Engine light, or a popped tire and decides that she just needs to be pulled over to the side of the road and turned off for awhile. To boot, I have come to the conclusion that she is quite the floozy. She has a HUGE thing for big, handsome, strong tow trucks. I think her train of thought goes something like this, “I’ve been running Nik around for a few months now without a problem. I think I’m just going to flash my Check Engine light on and pull over here and die. Then she’ll call one of those fine tow trucks to come out and rescue me. Man, I’d love to get on top of one of those bad boys right now and ride him into the mechanic shop. Oohheeeee!”

This is one of the buggy’s most dramatic dates with a tow truck. She decided she needed some tow truck lovin’ last Fourth of July weekend on the way up to Big Bear. We waited FOUR hours for that truck. Nice way to kill the beginning of a trip, buggy.


And, drum roll please, this was the buggy’s date last night with the tow truck. Last night, she went with the good ol’ Alternator. Just shut her off. I’m driving up Interstate 80, rockin’ out to my nightly dose of Dirty Dancing soundtrack songs, (I hadddd, the time of my liffffeeee, and I neverrrrr felt this way beforrreeee…). I think that song just got the buggy so juiced up for some lovin’ that she couldn’t take it anymore. She got all hyper and started flashing all of the lights on my dash, just waiting for me to pull over and call her a tow truck. Well the tramp got her wish.


Now she will pay for it because she will have creepy mechanic hands all over her today, dissecting her most private parts. Meanwhile, I got to drive Mom’s Acura into work today and let me tell you, she is quite the polite lady. I think I need to get the Acura to show the Buggy a thing or two about etiquette. Damn buggy.

I wish all of you a fantiddlytastic, car-trouble free weekend. And if you catch the buggy drivin’ around town, feel free to scream out a profane female insult at her…she deserves it.


PS – Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a special treat 🙂


3 Responses to “The Buggy is a Tramp”

  1. Aunt Tina Says:

    Poor Buggy! So sorry Nik. Does Buggy have no name? Maybe that’s why she keeps pooping out on you… she doesn’t even have a name!

  2. Grandma Lucy Says:

    Hey Nik! Luv’n the blog. Sorry to hear that the bug has become such a floozy.

  3. Raechel Says:

    I never wanted to tell you but I’ve known for a long time she had a bit of a problem, being loose and all. I just really thought you should figure it out for your self. It would hurt less that way.

    Yours truly

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