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How To…Make Some Kick Ass Popcorn January 11, 2009

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Happy Weekend, Party Peeps! I know, I know, I didn’t actually post my Saturday blog on Saturday, but it’s been a busy weekend and I’m only a day late. Better late then never, right?!? So, I told you on Friday that my Saturday posts would be special treats from here on out. Those special treats are coming to you in the form of a “How-To” blog. Each Saturday, I will post a “How-To” blog on a (more than likely off-the-wall, unique) topic. Today, I am going to start with How To Make Some Kick Ass Popcorn. (Disclaimer: I do have to give the sole credit for this recipe to my parental units, who passed the recipe down to me. Enjoy!)

STEP 1: Ask Santa for one of these for Christmas.


STEP 2: Teleport over to Trader Joe’s and pick up the following goodies.


STEP 3: Teleport back home. In the event that the ingredients don’t make it back to your house during Teleportation, teleport back to Trader Joe’s, pick up the goodies and take a camel back home.

STEP 4: Set up the new popper from Santa, and pour this much Garlic EVOO in the pan. (EVOO must be Garlic. This is the secret, crucial ingredient!)


STEP 5: Pour in this many kernels. Add more if you are consuming alcohol, in which case you will need more to cure the munchies craving.


STEP 6: Plug in the popper.

STEP 7: While the kernels are popping, melt some butter in a small dish. The cuter the dish, the more flavorful the popcorn will be.


STEP 8: Unplog the popper once you don’t hear the kernels popping anymore. (What a concept.)


STEP 9: Pour yourself a generous glass of vodka red wine.


STEP 10: Flip the popper over, so that all the popcorn falls into the lid (that now becomes the bowl). WOW, MAGIC! Pour melted butter, Parmesan, Salt & Pepper over the top and shake it like a Polaroid Picture. Heeyyyyaaaaa!!! Kick Ass Popcorn, Party People.


Party on Wayne Gretzky,

PS – I still haven’t figured out the whole picture/text alignment yet. In my HTML, all of the alighnments say Left however they are all in sporadic spaces. Do any of you know how to fix this? Help 🙂


5 Responses to “How To…Make Some Kick Ass Popcorn”

  1. Stacy Says:

    WordPress seems a lot more complicated than Blogger which I use. I love how easy it is to put the pictures exactly where I want them without messing with the codes. Here are some links, see if you can find your answers on them:

  2. Stacy Says:

    The recipe sounds good! I’d like to try it. I usually am not crazy about popcorn, but with the right flavors, I’ll eat it!

  3. Grandma Lucy Says:

    And guess where the parentals got this recipe???

  4. Grandma Lucy Says:

    It was actually the Gourmet Dude Grandma Lucy shares her covered wagon with.

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