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Happy Barakguration Day! January 20, 2009

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What a day to Party, Party Peeps! I have to admit, I am a bit bummed to be at work today instead of following the Inaug festivities in my PJ’s at home. But hey, I finally have a minute to catch up with ya’all after my absence this weekend. Ya, about that…Sorry to leave you hanging. I had a pretty incredible, busy weekend with the boy being in town and although I did post a few pics from our Sunday afternoon at Golden Gate Park yesterday, I wish I had time to post more. Nonetheless, here are some highlights from my weekend that I know all of you have just been dying to hear about!

  • Most importantly, I am TB FREE! And you know what that means, I am now officially cleared to be a mentor! I am now just waiting to hear when my final interview will be, and then I’ll be good to go 🙂 HooRah!
  • I had a fantastic Stag evening on Friday night in Berkeley. I hit up Cafe Strada at Bankroft and College, on the recommendation of my dear friend Erin. I forgot my camera today, so I will post the cutesy pic of Cafe Strada tomorrow. Erin was right, it is adorable. Very French Quarter-esque…and full of students outside studying and chatting away on the porch. It took everything I had not to run across the street to Cal Berk and beg them to grant me admission.
  • I also found a great bookstore in Berkeley…Pegasus Books on Shattuck and Durant. So cute! I picked up a used Deepak Chopra book, and a most hilarious coffee table book entitled ‘Dear Milk Thief, That Was Breast Milk: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings’ by Kerry Miller. It’s basically a compilation of notes sent in from all over the States..written between roomates, coworkers, landlord/tenants, etc…Hilarity!

The boy and I also made some exciting discoveries this weekend around my town and SFO that I will share soon enough. Until then, have a fantastic lunch (yours is probably better than my Lean Cuisine today).

Party On Wayneramas!



3 Responses to “Happy Barakguration Day!”

  1. Stacy Says:

    I would like to check that cafe out.

  2. Erin Says:

    Oh, you really went there!!!! Wonderful!!! I just remembered what I used to order there, the Strada Bianca Mocha… !

    I used to work at the Bancroft Clothing Company.. is that still there?? Those were fun, fun Berkeley days when I lived on top of Albany Hill!!! Hey, check out Solano Avenue too… so many great shops and cafes, not as hectic as Berkeley can get and better parking.

    Pegasus Books, yep, I forgot about that place… good bookstore.

    Yay, you made me smile so big!! 🙂

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