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♥ ♥ ♥ 2009 Crafty Cupid Valentine Exchange ♥ ♥ ♥ January 21, 2009

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Good Morning Party Peeps! I know, it’s a bit early for me to be a bloggy mcbloggerson…but I have an exciting project I want to share with all of you! As I am such an uber mushy romantic, I obviously LOVE Valentine’s Day. And though I will definitely be spoiling the boy with lots of goodies and kisses, I think it’s time to start spreading the love. Maybe it’s all of the talk of change in the world, maybe I’m pumped about the New Year, maybe I just feel like giving out hugs and kisses…Whatever it is, I say: Let’s exchange Valentines, Party Peeps! I’m not talking an e-card or an e-mail…I’m talkin’ a good ol’ fashioned snail mail, made with love, bundle of loveyness! And better yet, received from a new unknown friend!

So, Party Peeps, here it is. I present to you, the scoop on the 2009 Crafty Cupid Valentine Exchange. PLEASE feel free to invite friends and spread the word…the more the merrier!

Step 1: Leave a comment to this blog saying you’re in. SIGNUP DEADLINE IS Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009.

Step 2: Send Cupid an email with your mailing address and a brief wishlist of things you like. Cupid’s email:

Step 3: You will receive the address and wishlist of your randomly chosen Valentine in your email inbox on Friday, Jan. 30, 2009.

Step 4: You have exactly one week to mail your Valentine to your secret friend. Here are the guidelines for your Valentine…

  • You can either craft something, or purchase something. Just make sure it’s cutesy and lovey and Valentiney!
  • Spending Limit: $15
  • Try to avoid chocolates or edibles. And really fragile things for that matter – Remember you will be mailing these things. If you are a master packer, however, knock yourself out 🙂
  • Include a brief note revealing your identity to your Secret Valentine. Who are you? Where are you from?
  • Be Creative! And Spread the Love!

Step 5: Mail your Valentine by Friday, Feb. 6, 2009. This will allow everyone to ship ground and still have it arrive in time for Lover’s Day. Most importantly: Ship via UPS, FedEx, etc…Any Shipper that will provide a TRACKING NUMBER. We don’t want our Valentine’s getting lost in the mail!

Step 6: Log on to my blog on Valentine’s Day (Sat., Feb. 14th, 2009) and we will share what we got! Feel free to post an image and who your secret valentine was.

Last but not least, follow through people! Please don’t sign up if you don’t think you have time, ability to mail a package, etc…Be honest! And Have Fun!!! Hopefully in a few short weeks we will all have cutesy lil’ valentines, sent with love, from a new friend! Good Luck, and Happy Valentining!

Spread the Love Wayne,



20 Responses to “♥ ♥ ♥ 2009 Crafty Cupid Valentine Exchange ♥ ♥ ♥”

  1. I think this is a fantastic idea! I’m in. I’ll send the email later when I have time but what do you mean by wish list?

    • nikatnoon Says:

      Hi Julie! A wish list, maybe of things you like, things you don’t like.

      i.e. I LOVE snuggly scarves and earmuffs. or I despise rose-scented candles. Something like that. Happy Listing!

  2. Ooops, missed that whole section! I’m not sure where my brain is today. 😉

  3. Raechel Says:

    I am on it like white on rice

  4. 315thomas Says:

    what a fun idea! i am totally in.

  5. Sara Says:

    I am in… very cute idea!

  6. NiksMom Says:

    Modge is in! Or as Raechel says im “on it like brown on rice” ~ Hey I like brown rice 🙂

  7. NiksMom Says:

    BTW ~ How do I change my little quilt thing? I like Sara’s pretty green one! I don’t like my purple one! I would like to have an orange or green one please!

    • nikatnoon Says:

      You are high maintenance. You can’t change your quilt. Sorry 😦 WordPress assigns you a random one. No Quilt For You!

  8. essenceofom Says:


  9. essenceofom Says:

    Niksmom: you can change your avatar to whatever like if you sign up at and then log into that website first before commenting on Nikki’s blog. It’s me Stacy.

  10. NiksMom Says:

    Ahhhhhhh thank you Stacy! 🙂

  11. Grandma Lucy Says:

    Pearl and I are in. We’re doing this together.

  12. Erin Says:

    Nikki, you are SO COOL!!!

    I wish I had time to do this, but I don’t… the next couple of weeks are super crazy (in a good way). I hope you do this again for another occasion so I can jump in and participate! 🙂

  13. KatieDae Says:

    I’m in! This is such a cute idea…Yay!

  14. RitaSmeeta Says:

    AAHHH, how fun! 😀
    Dunno if I can participate or not though… I’m in Canada. Internationals allowed?

    I’ll send cupid an email 😉

  15. RitaSmeeta Says:

    how fun! 😀
    Dunno if I can participate or not though… I’m in Canada. Internationals allowed?

    I’ll send cupid an email 😉

  16. RitaSmeeta Says:

    Whoah, on a random side note, I just tried to leave a comment that started with “ahhhh, how fun!” and then wordpress told me that i had already said that and wouldn’t let me post it! lol! I think i must’ve wrote that on someone else’s blog today! Wow, they’re sticklers 😀

  17. kim* Says:

    darn i missed it. but i cant do it anyway…hopefully next year!

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