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I Know. I’m Fired. February 10, 2009

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Before I get a call from BPS (Blogger Protective Services) for abandoning you Party People, I better get back to updating and gossiping. First and foremost, I apologize. I abandoned you for two weeks without any warning before hand. But I promise I was thinking about you the whole time! Now on with the excuses of why I needed to go on a brief hiatus:

  • It was Design Week. That’s the main explanantion. Not only that, but we also turned around an entire remodel in 5 days just in time for Market, and needless to say I have been working like a mad woman. The place looks gorge, but my gawsh have we been working like crazy. Mix that with Wine by Design and other Winter Market drink fests festivities, and you got yourself a pretty busy Nikki. I think I have spent more time at the Design Center and on the freeway driving to and from lately, then I have at my own house.
  • It was Chapel’s 21st birthday. Or should I say BirthWEEK. We partied almost every night last week ending with the big shabang on Saturday. And I was party planning and accomplishing the secret stealth mission that was her Surprise Party all week long, as well. Wednesday night (the real birthday) we were at Vessel in SFO. Thursday night was a Benicia combo that consisted of O’Leary’s Pub, Choices, and the Chill and also a great dinner at Union Hotel. And wine. And Beer. And a huge headache on Friday morning. Friday night was spent at Sushi Groove in Walnut Creek with the fam. And Saturday night was a crazy night all of it’s own. Surprise party and limo for Chapel and friends…and boy did the surprises just keep coming all night long. Needless to say, I would be completely okay if the state of California stopped selling liquor and shut all the bars down for the next century. As I plan on spending the next few years sobering up in my bed after this week. On that note, anyone want to donate a healthy liver to me?
  • Last excuse for my blog-bandonment: My computer has officially died. She went peacefully and quietly, but has been slowly letting go over the past year or so and recently decided that she just has had enough. Which leaves me to two blogging options: Blog at work at lunch. And blog on Chapel’s computer when she’s feeling lovey and wants to share her toys with me. I am trying to figure out a way to blog from my Blackberry, but unfortunately it seems that WordPress only plays nicely with the iPhone. Hmph. Poor Blackberry has no friends 😦

So those are my excuses. I will try very hard to be more comitted to you Party Peeps. I promise. Work will not be that crazy until Market next year, and Chapel’s bday doesn’t come again until that time as well…So party on until next Feb! Oh ya, before I forget…Everyone and their pet goats have been asking about my Mentoring. YAY! I love her! I had my match meeting two Thursdays ago, and we have become the best of friends so far! (Very quickly, I might add!) After meeting with her at our initial match meeting, I stopped back by her place last Friday to drop off some Black flats. She had her Winter Ball last weekend, and the only thing that was stopping her from going was the fact that she didn’t have shoes. So I dropped a pair of mine for her to wear. We hung out again day before yesterday…I picked her up and we went to lunch in Berkeley at a cute little Tacqueria – she loves Mexican food as much as I do! Things are pretty rough for her at home at the moment, so she is contemplating moving in with a Foster Family. She asked me if she did move if I would still be her mentor and if I would be able to help her move. *tear* I told her ABSOLUTELY! And I would love to take her out to visit her Mom as well. So as of now, her Soc. Worker is working on finding a few families for her. She has a meeting with her Soc. Worker tomorrow evening to talk about it, and asked me if I would come with her! So tomorrow night, I will go to the meeting with her and then maybe take her out for a bite to eat or something. Things are going very well 🙂

Well party peeps, I’m getting back to work for now. Feels good to be back and have a few minutes now to myself to say Whatttt Upppp!!! Until tomorrow (or maybe later tonight if you guys behave)…

Party On Waynes (or at least Party On to the Waynes who have not given up on me!)



6 Responses to “I Know. I’m Fired.”

  1. Raechel Says:

    I kind of still like you a little. I guess I can’t talk because we keep on missing each other on the telelphone.

  2. Erica Says:

    that’s because iPhones dominate the silly, poor Blackberry!!

    oh and you totally rock for being a mentor! I am SO inspired, maybe I’ll look into it as well…hmm. :o)

  3. Stacy Says:

    Walmart has a mini-laptop for $298. Might be good as a temp until you get a good one.

    Glad to know things are going well with your mentor. I am sure it really helps her a lot to have a support system through this difficult time.

  4. Auntie Nay Nay Says:

    Way to go Stacy for giving props to Wal-mart.
    Nik let me know if you are interested – we may be able to do “something” about the price – call me to discuss if you want….

  5. nikatnoon Says:

    Yay! I have comments! You peeps still love me 🙂 Awwwzz.

    Erica: If iPhones were SO cool they would get of their butts and walk over to your friend Raechel when I called her to tell her to pick up the phone!

    To the 2 Aunts of mine: This is an option. Is it set up like the old Texas Instruments kid-puters that I used to play with when I was little? Does it say words like “calculator” or “thesaurus” in a robot voice?? Just kidding…this is just totally the image that came into my head when I read ‘mini laptop’. Hahaha…I will sssccheck it out!

  6. Stacy Says:

    Funny Nikki! I do remember those ancient electronic toys from the 1980’s. It has a lot of good reviews on it. I would like to have one of those someday as it fits in a purse conveniently. I know Dell makes one too but theirs is priced at $349.

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