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PSA – Crafty Cupids February 14, 2009

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Hi Kiddie Beans Lover Pants πŸ™‚ Yes, I am in the mood for V-Day ♥ Ok, I am currently in So Cal spending an amaaahhhhzing weekend with my boyfriend…So I wanted to post something quick for all of you crafty cupids who are participating in the Valentine Exchange. I originally said that we would post all of our pics of the goodies we received from our Secret Cupids on my blog today, so everyone could see what was exchanged. Howeverrrr, Miss Erica is the only responsibly Crafty Cupid because she is the only one that sent me a pic!!! I have heard from a few people that there boxes got out late, and wouldn’t get to their recipients by yesterday. So instead of saying “Shame On You, Cupids!”, I will rejoice in the spirit of St. Valentine and say “No worries my loves! We will postpone the picture posting until Monday. Sooo, if all of you could please send me pics of your received valentines by then, I will post πŸ™‚ For those of you that still haven’t received your goodies by then, just send me a pic when they come in and I will add to the post as needed. KaPeesh?

Ok, now that that’s settled…I’m off to the Spa!!! I hope all of you have a fantiddlytastic lovefest today and spread the kisses to all the lovers of the world.

Party on LoverPants! xoxoxo



2 Responses to “PSA – Crafty Cupids”

  1. RitaSmeeta Says:

    I got my Vday surprise today! YAY! πŸ˜€ And posted about it here:

    I’ll email you the pics too. Thanks for organizing! πŸ™‚

  2. Raechel Says:

    Hey Nik

    Please check your crafty cupid email..I posted pics of my presents yay!

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