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2009 Crafty Cupid Valentine Exchange: Follow Up February 19, 2009

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Hiya Kids! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Drumroll please….I present to you, a sampling of the Crafty Cupid Valentines! (This is what I have rec’d pics of so far, Send me yours if you have not yet!)

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in my first exchange! I can’t wait to see what the rest of you received, so stay tuned for more pics to come! In the meantime, please take a minute to browse the Etsy stores of some of our participants 🙂

Raechel’s Store

Rita’s Store

Leslie’s Store

My Store – COMING SOON! Please bookmark the link: – Should be up within the next two weeks.

Have a great afternoon, everyone! I’m off to heat up my lunch – leftover WonTon Soup from last night! Till next time…Tomorrow I promise!

Party on CrafterWaynes,



2 Responses to “2009 Crafty Cupid Valentine Exchange: Follow Up”

  1. Stacy Says:

    That’s pretty cool!

  2. […] Organize another Craft Exchange. […]

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