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Sing Me to Sleep July 8, 2009

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Good evening Party Peeplets 🙂 What a relaxing night tonight, huh? Lights are dim in my room tonight and the crickets are chirping away outside my window, all setting a very mellow mood. Not sure if it’s because I’m in pre-vacation mode, or maybe I just need a good night’s rest, but I am uber relaxed tonight. Curling up with the pupster and listening to some lullabies on this summer eve sounds nearly perfect. So in celebration of summer nights and my relaxing mood, I am sharing a few of my favorite mellow tunes with you fine party peeps. If my loverpants was here and I had a huge southern style porch, we could dance barefoot to one of these tunes tonight. But for now, they will sing me to sleep. Enjoy 🙂

Last but not least, one of my favorite songs, Kanaka Wai Wai. It is a traditional hawaiian hymn and plays in the background of this tribute to Queen Lili`uokalani.

Sleep Tight Waynes,



One Response to “Sing Me to Sleep”

  1. Raechel Says:

    OMG. I Love ray. I really like this song and Empty. Most of Ray’s songs are lullabie-ish anyways. I actually almost fell asleep at his concert. His music is just so soft and sweet that I got really sleepy snuggled up in Jack’s arms.

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