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About Nik January 5, 2009

Greetings, Party People. I’m Nikki. Nichole. Nicholita. Nikarama. Nicholioni. Nikster. Take your pick. Anywho, pleased to meet you. You’re kinda cute…You from around here? Just kidding, I know, I’ll warn you now that I tend to get a bit sassy sometimes. But you’ll soon grow to love me. So – what’s the blog all about, you say? Well, party peeps, I have lots to share. I have been blessed with a pretty insanse set of family members and friends, which put me in situations and experience that practically BEG to be blogged about. I have also been blessed with a stubborn head (Go Taurus!), so from time to time, I will vent to you, Party People. I also am an artist at heart and work in the interior design industry, so I will share my crafty finds, recipes, products, etc…And who knows what else from time to time? Maybe memories of my Teddy Ruxpin. Or plans for upcoming holidays with my relatives from Arkansas. Or, O-M-G! Juicy gossip and photos from the latest drunken adventure with my sidekick sister, Ariel Hope Chapel! We live together, about ten minutes away from our parental units in the East Bay Area in Sunny California. So, I’m sure the immediate fam will be a HUGE butt of the jokes, I mean important parts of my everyday blog. Ok, enough promises that I probably can’t keep…On with the blogging already!

Oh ya, and if you haven’t already figured it out…I’ll be writing most of my entries at lunch. From my desk at work. It will be my daily dose of sanity…ten minutes of blogging 🙂 So, here’s to the start of Nik at Noon!

Party on Wayne, 


One Response to “About Nik”

  1. Rheea Says:

    Hi nik. Thanks for your vote but I need you to tell me which one have you voted (it was not mention in your comment).
    You might be the lucky winner to walk away with my postcards so I wouldn’t want to miss you out eh. 😉


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