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Travel, Schmavel… March 31, 2009

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Hiya kids…Remember me? You’re long lost blogger pal who abandons you every now and then? I know I am loved and forgiven, you don’t have to mention it. Lots has been going on since we last talked folks! Celebrated a few birthdays, Had a few reuniting dinners, made some big travel plans for the summer, lost an organ – Ya know, the usual.

The biggest thing on my plate right now is my Social Calendar. The reality is that from now through Fall it seems my weekends have mysteriously just been booked. I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know who pencils in these trips in my datebook…it just happens. Must be the vacation gnomes. Here are some of the highlights and bunches full of excitement that I am going to be partaking in over the next few weeks. Should you be in any of the areas where I will be, give me a holler and let’s have a glass of wine or four together!

  • This weekend is my Aunt Stacy’s Going Away Party.  She’s abandoning us moving to New York to be with her sweetie pie, Nancy, so in celebration of that we will be throwing her a shindig filled with lots of gag gifts and schmoozing. I am pulling for Pin The Tail on the Donkey, but my Grandma said No. Who tells their Grandkids NO to P.T.T.O.T.D.??
  • The next weekend, I am abandoning the fam going to see my sweetie pie in LA. Chyeah! I will also get to see my dear newly-blonde pal, Stacy for her birthday. The weekend will close with a much-anticipated Easter fest at Raech & Jack’s new digs! I can’t wait to see the grass green living room and catch up with my dear friends who I miss sooooo much 🙂
  • The weekend after that the boy is coming up for camping at Dhillon’s Beach! Ya, I get to see him TWO weekends in a row! What a lucky girl. We’re loading up the fam and the pups and spending the weekend on the coast. If we’re feeling really ballsy, we might even take a jump in the Arctic Pacific Ocean and catch a few waves.  All depends on if we are in the mood for a little Hypothermia.
  • The weekend after THHATTT is the sassiest of all sassafrass. I’m not sure I should even say it out loud; The sass gods might strike me down. I’ll say it quickly – OhMyGoshTheGirlsAreComingUpFromL.A.ForAWineWeekendInSonoma… GirlsOnlyOnTheLoose. And that’s all we’ll say about that! I can hardly contain my excitement.
  • Two weekends after THHATTT is…hold your horses…NOLA! Yet another Girls Weekend…on the loose in the French Quarter. Holy Beads, Batman! It has always been a dream of mine to spend my birthday in New Awlins, and this year I get my wish! (And my lucky number is 9, and it’s 2009…wierd!) PLUSSS, my Gramps is joining us for the birthday dinner so I will be with some of my favorite peeps!
  • Last but not least, the bro and I have begun planning our trip to Hawaii this summer for the Muller-Keka`ula Family Reunion. We have lots of cool things in mind and are sooo looking forward to spending some time with the Gramps and the rest of the fam!

Stay tuned throughout the summer for pics and momentos from the festivities. In the meantime, I know all of you party peeps have some cool party plans going on this Summer. What are you doing? Let’s share! Yay – Show and Tell 🙂

Party On Travelers,



♥ ♥ ♥ 2009 Crafty Cupid Valentine Exchange ♥ ♥ ♥ January 21, 2009

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Good Morning Party Peeps! I know, it’s a bit early for me to be a bloggy mcbloggerson…but I have an exciting project I want to share with all of you! As I am such an uber mushy romantic, I obviously LOVE Valentine’s Day. And though I will definitely be spoiling the boy with lots of goodies and kisses, I think it’s time to start spreading the love. Maybe it’s all of the talk of change in the world, maybe I’m pumped about the New Year, maybe I just feel like giving out hugs and kisses…Whatever it is, I say: Let’s exchange Valentines, Party Peeps! I’m not talking an e-card or an e-mail…I’m talkin’ a good ol’ fashioned snail mail, made with love, bundle of loveyness! And better yet, received from a new unknown friend!

So, Party Peeps, here it is. I present to you, the scoop on the 2009 Crafty Cupid Valentine Exchange. PLEASE feel free to invite friends and spread the word…the more the merrier!

Step 1: Leave a comment to this blog saying you’re in. SIGNUP DEADLINE IS Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009.

Step 2: Send Cupid an email with your mailing address and a brief wishlist of things you like. Cupid’s email:

Step 3: You will receive the address and wishlist of your randomly chosen Valentine in your email inbox on Friday, Jan. 30, 2009.

Step 4: You have exactly one week to mail your Valentine to your secret friend. Here are the guidelines for your Valentine…

  • You can either craft something, or purchase something. Just make sure it’s cutesy and lovey and Valentiney!
  • Spending Limit: $15
  • Try to avoid chocolates or edibles. And really fragile things for that matter – Remember you will be mailing these things. If you are a master packer, however, knock yourself out 🙂
  • Include a brief note revealing your identity to your Secret Valentine. Who are you? Where are you from?
  • Be Creative! And Spread the Love!

Step 5: Mail your Valentine by Friday, Feb. 6, 2009. This will allow everyone to ship ground and still have it arrive in time for Lover’s Day. Most importantly: Ship via UPS, FedEx, etc…Any Shipper that will provide a TRACKING NUMBER. We don’t want our Valentine’s getting lost in the mail!

Step 6: Log on to my blog on Valentine’s Day (Sat., Feb. 14th, 2009) and we will share what we got! Feel free to post an image and who your secret valentine was.

Last but not least, follow through people! Please don’t sign up if you don’t think you have time, ability to mail a package, etc…Be honest! And Have Fun!!! Hopefully in a few short weeks we will all have cutesy lil’ valentines, sent with love, from a new friend! Good Luck, and Happy Valentining!

Spread the Love Wayne,



FunHappyLoveyness! January 16, 2009

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TEE GEE EYE EFF Party People! Friday is in the houseee! Obviously, I am quite stoked for the happy, work-free days in my near future. Either that, or I am just forcing happiness to beam from my body since my Paypal account got HACKED this morning. Flippin’ hackers! In the spirit of starting my Friday morning off in the wrong direction, I have decided to take this time to reflect on the most ExCiTiNg events that I have coming up! When all else fails, count your blessings, right?!? So, party peeps, here are my upcoming “blessings”:

This Weekend: The boy is flying in from SoCal to spend a fun-filled weekend in SFO with yours truly. Tomorrow we are driving down to Santa Cruz and taking a train throught the Redwoods. And on Sunday we are going to picnic in Golden Gate Park (and possibly even rent some paddle boats on the lake if we are feeling really sassy romantic). Last night, I sat down with Bon Apetit and a few fave cookbooks and meal-planned for the weekend. On Saturday, I will be preparing Chicken alla Toscana (and having the Parentals over for DinDin!) and Heart-Shaped Lemon Rasberry Tarts (I’m starting Valentine’s Season early!). I also want to make a point to take him to Szechuan House for Peanut Butter WonTons. OMG. They are sinful.

Date with Moi:Ya, that’s right. I’m having a date with myself tonight. Sorta. The boy doesn’t fly in until late night, and I get off at 5. So instead of going all the way home just to come all the way back, I’m going to hang in Berkeley for the evening. Might hit up Pegasus Books on Shattuck, or Cody Books on 4th which was recommended to me today…And more or less just explore and dance through the streets see what I can find. I’ll let you know if I come across anything mind-blowing, which is high likely whenever you have a date with me 🙂

Mentor Program : Tonight I go to get my TB test results in Berkeley, and after that I am cleared to be a (drum roll, please) Mentor! I am hoping to have my match meeting in the next two weeks so I can start planning fun activites and events with the new mentee!

Chapel’s 21st Birthday!: Whoops. Sorry. This is a top secret stealth mission and I can’t release any further information. We’ll talk about this at a later date. But, I’m frieken excited!!

Avon Walk SF: I think this is, Project #, like, 877? I am organizing an Avon Walk team in SF for Jul. 11-12! Our kickoff party is next weekend, Jan. 24th. And then the fundraising and kick ass training begins! So far, we have five girls on our team and we need more! Come play!

Last but not least, I am super stoked to start my Etsy Store: More information to come about this as well. I am working on stocking up my inventory of goods at the moment, and photographing. As soon as that is complete, the site will be up and running!

When I look at all of those sweet things coming up over the next few weeks, who cares about the Paypal hackers? I am SURE none of them have their snugglebunny coming in this weekend, so for that I feel sorry for them. Hack on geeks criminals! Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend Party People! What are some things coming up that you are all excited about??? Share!

Party on Wayne,


Two Double Oh Nine. January 5, 2009

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Howdy Party People,


            As I sit here enjoying my Egg Salad on Multigrain from StarBee’s, I can hardly contain my excitement. My First Blog. WHOA. Like, this is really serious business. I clicked “Public” on the privacy settings for WordPress. In the great words from my dear friend Raechel, “O-M-G, Princess.”


            So, let’s begin, shall we. On to why we started a blog in the first place. As new beginnings seem to be the running theme nowadays, I have three New’s Years resolutions this year. The first of which, you guessed it, is starting (and, ahem, maintaining) an everyday blog. I know, Everyday. *gulp*. I have accountability issues, so for this resolution, it’s up to you…Hold me accountable, party people! If I miss a day, put me in timeout and take away my iPod.


            Second resolution – slim down the Bodonkadonk. I’m just going to throw it out there now, I have a huge one. Can I stand a Pepsi can on it? No. But it is a topic of conversation time and again, so you might be hearing about it quite often. I may even categorize that J So, my resolution is (so original) to kinda get in a bit of shape. I have found a running buddy, my friend Patrizio, who I will be running with every night when I get off work. And I’ll be grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow for healthy grubs. I’m not going crazy with it…I refuse to give up my brie and baguettes, but will only have them maybe once a week. I’m just going to play nice with veggies and get a run in everyday and see where it takes me. I’ll keep you posted. For this resolution, I have Patrizio to be accountable to. I told him to come over and dump cold water on my face if I tried to make an excuse for not running with him one day.


            Third resolution – Birthday cards. I love getting handwritten birthday cards in the mail, and have made an executive decision that everyone else does, too. So, with that said, I have purchased a shiny, new 2009 planner to keep track of my family peeps’ and my friend peeps’ birthdays. My goal is to send out a card to everyone this year on their special days. Of course, being the get-in-over-my-head kinda girl that I am, I also want to make handmade cards. Probably this weekend I will take a trip to Michael’s (O-M-G, I got a $50 gift card from the boy for Christmas!) and pick up some supplies and cutesy embellishments to make cards. I think my conscious can handle holding me accountable for this one, however if I forget your birthday, feel free to send me a box of dog turds in the mail. Oh, we haven’t met you say? But you still would like me to send you a card? Of course, my new blogger friend J Leave your name and address and I would be more than happy to send you a card! Also, leave your D.O.B.!


            Okay, not all of my blogs will be short novels, I promise. But ya know, it’s the first one, there is pressure from the blogger gods. Let’s face it. So for now, I am getting back to work. First day of jogging tonight! Wish me luck! Feel free to share your New Year’s resolutions if you please. First Blog Written…Check!


Party on Wayne,