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Bag Lady Makes a Decision March 15, 2009

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And that decision is….Purseona Bag

The Ivory Orchids bag from Purseona. I am so in love! Some of the other bags that the designer has in the store have knitted flower broaches on them. Such an adorable detail! In typical me-me-me fashion, I emailed the designer this afternoon to see if it would be possible to get a flower broach for my purse as well. I figure, the broach and the purse could be pals, and could, you know, keep eachother company when they are alone in my work locker or something for an extended period of time. Plus, they look much cuter and more accessorized with the broach! I will definitely take a glamour shot when the bag arrives, and let you know the outcome of the broach inquiry. In the meantime, check out Purseona’s other great bags, as I included a link above. Have a great afternoon, Party Peeps. I am just lounging this afternoon and soaking in my misery ( the boyfriend went back to LA this afternoon after a quick, snugglicious visit to see moi. I miss him already!) Now it’s time to get back to my flick for the afternoon, ‘Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist’. I highly recommend it thus far – it’s funny and cute! If you liked Juno, you’ll love N.A.N.I.P.  Toodles Party Peeps!

Party on Wayne,