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Jean Arp In Da House! (literally…) January 6, 2009

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What’s for lunch this afternoon, Party People? For me, it’s leftover pasta from dinner last night. Last carbalicious lunch for this girl…I’ll be heading to Trader’s tonight to pick up some leafy greens and healthy snacks for the rest of the week. (Jogger’s Update from last night: Patrizio flaked. So I ended up going by myself. Never realized that my neighborhood has NO street lights. Is that legal? I live in a very safe neighborhood, so it wasn’t the Creepies that I was scared of. I was more freaked out that I was going to get attacked by a fox or a coyote. Or, like, maybe Sasquatch or something. Needless to say, it was freezing and I will definitely be wearing my Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas earmuffs on my marathon tonight.)

Anywho, on to my real topic of conversation…my latest project. I know, I have like 14 projects under my belt at this point between my resolutions and my crafts. But, hey, what’s one more? Actually, there are many more projects that you party people don’t know about yet, but we’ll save that for a different blog. Gotta keep you in suspense! So, my project: Let me preempt this by saying that I have kind of a love affair with Dada Art. I don’t know why, I have always had this connection with it. Like, I just get it (I think most people don’t). I wish that I could have been a part of that movement. I mean, I don’t know why or anything: Anti War graphics? Abstract Art? Kids playing rebel music in the street? That doesn’t scream my name or anything. Hehe. (For those that don’t know me personally, that’s me being sarcastic.) One of my favorite projects in Art School was when we had to create a Jean Arp style collage from the Dada period. I fell in love with collages. I soon started reading biographies on Jean Arp and George Bracques, and was surprised at how Pablo Picasso was so Dada-ish as well.

Ok, enough with the art lesson, on with the project. So, Chapel and I have this empty wall in our dining room. It’s friggin’ long. Long and white, and bare. Basically screaming out at me, “Nik! Hellppppp! Make me pretty!!!” I didn’t want to paint it or put a print on it or anything run-of-the-mill like that. It’s a special wall. He’s so big and handsome and clean. He deserves more than that. He deserves a Dada-inspired installation. Oh yeeahhhh. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you my Masterpiece Design Plan:


Ya, so I sketched this in two minutes while sitting in traffic on the Bay Bridge this morning. But you get the idea. Let me explain. In a nutshell, I want to get some fishing line, so it’s kind of invisible against the wall. Stretch it tight and plumb around two nails on opposing ends. So there are six rows of line on top of each other. Then. I’m going to create these “kites”. The kites will basically be diamond shaped frames made out of ½” wide Balsa wood dowels. I’m going to hit up Paper Source in Berkeley this weekend and get buy some Japanese Rice paper, maybe even some imported Italian paper (if I’m feeling really sassy). In different colors and patterns and textures. But related somewhow. (I’m starting to write in fragments, guess I’m getting excited!) So then, I will wrap the paper around all of the frames so they will resemble kites, kind of. All different shapes. Then I will attach the “kites” to the fishing line, in a kind of random pattern similar to what I sketched. Hopefully, (and I stress hopefully), it will come out in a cool, random pattern and be somewhat pleasing to the eye. More so than some West Elm wall art or something. Maybe I can put on a bowtie and channel Jean Arp while I’m working. That may help…

So, peeps, that’s my latest endeavor. I am hoping to have this finished by Sunday, in which case I’ll snap a few shots and post them on Monday. We can then compare and contrast between my masterpiece illustration above. Maybe if I am feeling extra drunk sassy, the Badonk and I may even step in the photo with a glass of Pinot Greeeeegggg! Until then, hang in there Party People. Tomorrow is hump day!

Party on Wayne,