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How To…Spend a Great Day in Golden Gate Park. January 19, 2009

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STEP 1: Bring along your personal photographer stud muffin.








STEP 2: Bring along a furry friend of your choice, and let him chase the pigeons.








STEP 3: Go to Stowe Lake (and stop at the Japanese Tea Gardens along the way).








STEP 4: Rent a Row Boat. (Stud muffins do the rowing, Ladies do the sitting pretty.)








STEP 5: Bring the Furryness on the boat.







STEP 6: Float under the bridges to Strawberry Hill. (Do NOT allow your children to stand on the bow of your paddle boats, as the Dad of the Year in this picture did.)








STEP 7: Make Out Oooh and Aaah at the waterfalls.










STEP 8: Row past the Pagoda.








STEP 9: End the date with some ♥ snuggling ♥












How To…Make Some Kick Ass Popcorn January 11, 2009

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Happy Weekend, Party Peeps! I know, I know, I didn’t actually post my Saturday blog on Saturday, but it’s been a busy weekend and I’m only a day late. Better late then never, right?!? So, I told you on Friday that my Saturday posts would be special treats from here on out. Those special treats are coming to you in the form of a “How-To” blog. Each Saturday, I will post a “How-To” blog on a (more than likely off-the-wall, unique) topic. Today, I am going to start with How To Make Some Kick Ass Popcorn. (Disclaimer: I do have to give the sole credit for this recipe to my parental units, who passed the recipe down to me. Enjoy!)

STEP 1: Ask Santa for one of these for Christmas.


STEP 2: Teleport over to Trader Joe’s and pick up the following goodies.


STEP 3: Teleport back home. In the event that the ingredients don’t make it back to your house during Teleportation, teleport back to Trader Joe’s, pick up the goodies and take a camel back home.

STEP 4: Set up the new popper from Santa, and pour this much Garlic EVOO in the pan. (EVOO must be Garlic. This is the secret, crucial ingredient!)


STEP 5: Pour in this many kernels. Add more if you are consuming alcohol, in which case you will need more to cure the munchies craving.


STEP 6: Plug in the popper.

STEP 7: While the kernels are popping, melt some butter in a small dish. The cuter the dish, the more flavorful the popcorn will be.


STEP 8: Unplog the popper once you don’t hear the kernels popping anymore. (What a concept.)


STEP 9: Pour yourself a generous glass of vodka red wine.


STEP 10: Flip the popper over, so that all the popcorn falls into the lid (that now becomes the bowl). WOW, MAGIC! Pour melted butter, Parmesan, Salt & Pepper over the top and shake it like a Polaroid Picture. Heeyyyyaaaaa!!! Kick Ass Popcorn, Party People.


Party on Wayne Gretzky,

PS – I still haven’t figured out the whole picture/text alignment yet. In my HTML, all of the alighnments say Left however they are all in sporadic spaces. Do any of you know how to fix this? Help 🙂