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Mo`oku`auhau July 9, 2009

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Happy Lunching, Party Peeps! After my relaxing night last night, I woke up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to seize the day! I breezed through tons of work this morning, and am spending my lunch break typing up my Mo`oku`auhau. My what, you say? My family geneology, silly. Next week, the Broski and I are headed to the sandwich islands for a plethora (I love using that word), yes a plethora of events including a Family Reunion at the Royal Kona and some r&r at Gramp’s house on Kaua`i (and, this just in! Tubing down old sugar cane ditches!) We will also be stopping in O’ahu for my Great Grandmother, Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller’s memorial service. To pay respects to my incredible grandmother, and the hawaiian heritage that she (and I) came from, I will be reciting my Mo`oku`auhau. It is a verbal family tree, per se, going down the lineage of how our family came to be. I originally researched and wrote my Mo`oku`auhau at a hula camp I participated in almost ten years ago on Kaua`i, and surprisingly have it memorized still today. I feel very blessed to know what my heritage is, and be part of a “researching” family who knows so much about so many generations that far back. There is always a huge geneology room set up at our family reunions so I will be sure to take lots of pics and hopefully blog about some new family members I have learned about. Here is my Mo`oku`auhau (translated in English at the bottom).

`O ke`ia ka mo`oku`auhau `o ka ohana `o Muller Keka`ula Palaualelo. 

`O Palaualelo ke kane, `O Kamakolu ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Mary Ann Keka`ula Palaualelo. 

`O Waldemar Maximillian Muller ke kane, `O Mary Ann Keka`ula Palaualelo ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Emil Maximillian Muller.

`O Emil Maximillian Muller ke kane, `O Rose Beniamina ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller. 

`O Robert Benzie Fyfe ke kane, `O Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Kai`opua Fyfe. 

`O Kai`opua Fyfe ke kane, `O Betty Nadine Wallace ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Shaun Alan Fyfe. 

 `O Shaun Alan Fyfe ke kane, `O Denise Lynn Moskus ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Nichole Nadine Keka`ula Fyfe. 

This is the family geneology for the family of Muller Keka`ula Palaualelo.

Palaualelo, the man and Kamakolu, the woman, gave birth to Mary Ann Keka`ula Palaualelo. (My Great-Great-Great Grandma)

Waldemar Maximillian Muller, the man and Mary Ann Keka`ula Palaualelo, the woman, gave birth to Emil Maximillian Muller.  (My Great-Great Grandpa)

Emil Maximillian Muller, the man and Rose Beniamina, the woman, gave birth to Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller. (My Great Grandma)

Robert Benzie Fyfe, the man, and Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller, the woman, gave birth to Kai`opua Fyfe. (My Grandpa)

Kai`opua Fyfe, the man, and Betty Nadine Wallace, the woman, gave birth to Shaun Alan Fyfe. (My Dad)

Shaun Alan Fyfe, the man, and Denise Lynn Moskus, the woman, gave birth to Nichole Nadine Keka`ula Fyfe. (Me!)

*Cool Fact:  I am named after my Great-Great-Great Grandma, Mary Ann Keka`ula Muller. My birthday is on May 9th, and hers in on May 19th! I am on the lookout for more cool facts that we have in common.

Celebrate your fam, Waynes!



It Was Great While It Lasted… March 11, 2009

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The relationship with my Gall Bladder and I, that is. We recently found, though, that we simply could not function together any longer and decided to call it quits. It was definitely a mutual decision; He grumbled at me and I grumbled back. We both couldn’t stand eachother anymore, especially during the last few weeks. I couldn’t do anything without him getting upset at me; Everything I ate, Every time I excercised; He always had something to complain about. In return, he punished me with heart burn and tummy aches until I just couldn’t take it any longer. I sought out counseling through Kaiser Hospital and after a week of blood tests, urinalysis tests and  a CT scan, it was finally confirmed; The Gall Bladder and I were getting a divorce. He had been stealing my bile and turning it into Gall Stones for quite some time now without my knowing, and he had no idea how much it was hurting me. Well I hope that bile meant a lot to him because it cost him the best girl he’ll ever have. After a long talk on Monday night, I explained to him that it just wasn’t going to work anymore and that he had to get out. He threatened me at first, saying I couldn’t live with out him but I didn’t fall for it. Sorry GB, but a girl like me can replace you in a minute with a few doses of Bilemin. You should have thought about that before you went behind my back GB. You took me for granted and you thought I would never do anything about it. Well, for all my ladies out there who have Gall Bladders that think they can run your life, I stood up to GB and did something about it. I cut him off (literally), stitched myself up and moved on with my life. I am in pain now and feel a little bit like a piece of me is missing, but I know that after this short heartbreak is over my life will be so much better without him. The pain I feel now is going to be short lived and I will come out knowing that I am an independent woman who doesn’t need a GB in her life to make her happy! Raise your glasses single women of the world! Gall Bladders?!?!  We don’t need no stinking Gall Bladders!

Party’s Over GB,



PSA – Crafty Cupids February 14, 2009

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Hi Kiddie Beans Lover Pants 🙂 Yes, I am in the mood for V-Day ♥ Ok, I am currently in So Cal spending an amaaahhhhzing weekend with my boyfriend…So I wanted to post something quick for all of you crafty cupids who are participating in the Valentine Exchange. I originally said that we would post all of our pics of the goodies we received from our Secret Cupids on my blog today, so everyone could see what was exchanged. Howeverrrr, Miss Erica is the only responsibly Crafty Cupid because she is the only one that sent me a pic!!! I have heard from a few people that there boxes got out late, and wouldn’t get to their recipients by yesterday. So instead of saying “Shame On You, Cupids!”, I will rejoice in the spirit of St. Valentine and say “No worries my loves! We will postpone the picture posting until Monday. Sooo, if all of you could please send me pics of your received valentines by then, I will post 🙂 For those of you that still haven’t received your goodies by then, just send me a pic when they come in and I will add to the post as needed. KaPeesh?

Ok, now that that’s settled…I’m off to the Spa!!! I hope all of you have a fantiddlytastic lovefest today and spread the kisses to all the lovers of the world.

Party on LoverPants! xoxoxo



I Know. I’m Fired. February 10, 2009

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Before I get a call from BPS (Blogger Protective Services) for abandoning you Party People, I better get back to updating and gossiping. First and foremost, I apologize. I abandoned you for two weeks without any warning before hand. But I promise I was thinking about you the whole time! Now on with the excuses of why I needed to go on a brief hiatus:

  • It was Design Week. That’s the main explanantion. Not only that, but we also turned around an entire remodel in 5 days just in time for Market, and needless to say I have been working like a mad woman. The place looks gorge, but my gawsh have we been working like crazy. Mix that with Wine by Design and other Winter Market drink fests festivities, and you got yourself a pretty busy Nikki. I think I have spent more time at the Design Center and on the freeway driving to and from lately, then I have at my own house.
  • It was Chapel’s 21st birthday. Or should I say BirthWEEK. We partied almost every night last week ending with the big shabang on Saturday. And I was party planning and accomplishing the secret stealth mission that was her Surprise Party all week long, as well. Wednesday night (the real birthday) we were at Vessel in SFO. Thursday night was a Benicia combo that consisted of O’Leary’s Pub, Choices, and the Chill and also a great dinner at Union Hotel. And wine. And Beer. And a huge headache on Friday morning. Friday night was spent at Sushi Groove in Walnut Creek with the fam. And Saturday night was a crazy night all of it’s own. Surprise party and limo for Chapel and friends…and boy did the surprises just keep coming all night long. Needless to say, I would be completely okay if the state of California stopped selling liquor and shut all the bars down for the next century. As I plan on spending the next few years sobering up in my bed after this week. On that note, anyone want to donate a healthy liver to me?
  • Last excuse for my blog-bandonment: My computer has officially died. She went peacefully and quietly, but has been slowly letting go over the past year or so and recently decided that she just has had enough. Which leaves me to two blogging options: Blog at work at lunch. And blog on Chapel’s computer when she’s feeling lovey and wants to share her toys with me. I am trying to figure out a way to blog from my Blackberry, but unfortunately it seems that WordPress only plays nicely with the iPhone. Hmph. Poor Blackberry has no friends 😦

So those are my excuses. I will try very hard to be more comitted to you Party Peeps. I promise. Work will not be that crazy until Market next year, and Chapel’s bday doesn’t come again until that time as well…So party on until next Feb! Oh ya, before I forget…Everyone and their pet goats have been asking about my Mentoring. YAY! I love her! I had my match meeting two Thursdays ago, and we have become the best of friends so far! (Very quickly, I might add!) After meeting with her at our initial match meeting, I stopped back by her place last Friday to drop off some Black flats. She had her Winter Ball last weekend, and the only thing that was stopping her from going was the fact that she didn’t have shoes. So I dropped a pair of mine for her to wear. We hung out again day before yesterday…I picked her up and we went to lunch in Berkeley at a cute little Tacqueria – she loves Mexican food as much as I do! Things are pretty rough for her at home at the moment, so she is contemplating moving in with a Foster Family. She asked me if she did move if I would still be her mentor and if I would be able to help her move. *tear* I told her ABSOLUTELY! And I would love to take her out to visit her Mom as well. So as of now, her Soc. Worker is working on finding a few families for her. She has a meeting with her Soc. Worker tomorrow evening to talk about it, and asked me if I would come with her! So tomorrow night, I will go to the meeting with her and then maybe take her out for a bite to eat or something. Things are going very well 🙂

Well party peeps, I’m getting back to work for now. Feels good to be back and have a few minutes now to myself to say Whatttt Upppp!!! Until tomorrow (or maybe later tonight if you guys behave)…

Party On Waynes (or at least Party On to the Waynes who have not given up on me!)



Pop Open the Vino… January 23, 2009

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Is it 5 0’clock yet, Party Peeps? Sheesh what a day! TGIF because I definitely need the weekend to recover from the crazy day I have had so far. I spent the morning dealing with PayPal and my Bank, and Paypal again..and my Bank again after realizing that my checking acct was AGAIN hacked by ugly, dirty, creepy thieves!  Stop taking my money and get a stinking job you crazy sons of a….! I’m taking a deep breath now. Okay. I’m good. After all the talk of disputed transactions and unauthorized charges and blahbitty blah blah blah, I had a nice chat with my Grandma. She always has a way of making you feel better, no matter what the issue. So, I signed the investigation affidavit to get my charges reversed, sent them off and made a promise to myself to not let it ruin my weekend. I’m having a Girl’s Day in SF tomorrow, and attending the Great Start Party for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. You gotta have a smile on for that, baby!

Speaking of smiles, I also had my interview for the Be A Mentor program today! Woohoo! One step closer to meeting my mentee! I was told that they have someone in mind for me…a sixteen year old girl from Berkeley. I know so far that she is interested in Fashion and Design and Modeling. Right up my alley! Well the design part, at least! I already have ideas to do some artsy crafts with her, and maybe even set up a tour of FIDM with her for inspiration. Apparaently, they are going to talk with her this weekend to see if she is interested in me, and then if all goes well, we will be matched by Tuesday! I know that this will be a long process; getting to know eachother, learning about things that tick the other one off, setting boundaries and opening up. But in the end, I’ll be happy if she simply knows that she has a new friend. I am not going into this thinking that I am some savior, and expecting to make some huge, amazing impact on her life. This is not a movie. And I am not Oprah. I am here to listen and be a friend. That’s it. If she finds out that she likes me a lil’ bit along the way, even better. But I am not expecting anything even remotely Angel Network-ish. Have any of you ever been mentors before, or done something similar? I would LOVE to hear your advice, tips or simply just words of encouragement.

Needless to say, it’s been a pretty intense day. Two more hours and I am bookin’ it home. To my sweatpants. To my comfy oversized sweatshirt. To my slippers. To my puppy. And to POP OPEN THE VINO.

Party on Weekender Waynes,



Happy Barakguration Day! January 20, 2009

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What a day to Party, Party Peeps! I have to admit, I am a bit bummed to be at work today instead of following the Inaug festivities in my PJ’s at home. But hey, I finally have a minute to catch up with ya’all after my absence this weekend. Ya, about that…Sorry to leave you hanging. I had a pretty incredible, busy weekend with the boy being in town and although I did post a few pics from our Sunday afternoon at Golden Gate Park yesterday, I wish I had time to post more. Nonetheless, here are some highlights from my weekend that I know all of you have just been dying to hear about!

  • Most importantly, I am TB FREE! And you know what that means, I am now officially cleared to be a mentor! I am now just waiting to hear when my final interview will be, and then I’ll be good to go 🙂 HooRah!
  • I had a fantastic Stag evening on Friday night in Berkeley. I hit up Cafe Strada at Bankroft and College, on the recommendation of my dear friend Erin. I forgot my camera today, so I will post the cutesy pic of Cafe Strada tomorrow. Erin was right, it is adorable. Very French Quarter-esque…and full of students outside studying and chatting away on the porch. It took everything I had not to run across the street to Cal Berk and beg them to grant me admission.
  • I also found a great bookstore in Berkeley…Pegasus Books on Shattuck and Durant. So cute! I picked up a used Deepak Chopra book, and a most hilarious coffee table book entitled ‘Dear Milk Thief, That Was Breast Milk: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings’ by Kerry Miller. It’s basically a compilation of notes sent in from all over the States..written between roomates, coworkers, landlord/tenants, etc…Hilarity!

The boy and I also made some exciting discoveries this weekend around my town and SFO that I will share soon enough. Until then, have a fantastic lunch (yours is probably better than my Lean Cuisine today).

Party On Wayneramas!



Hum Dee Dum… January 15, 2009

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That’s kind of the feeling for today, Party People. Nothing too exciting, but still beautiful and sunny outside. The week is slowly just humming along. I am quite excited for tomorrow 🙂 The boy is flying in for a fun-filled weekend! We will be hitting up the Redwoods on Saturday, and Golden Gate Park on Sunday. I am sure I will have a photo blog for each of these days. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I thought I would drop this small tidbid of information. If any of you would ever like to make me a happy princess, feel free to buy me these.

Hope all of you have a wonderful afternoon! Here’s to a not-so-hum-dee-dum Friday! Cheers!