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Happy Birthday Daddy-O March 13, 2009

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Today is Podge’s birthday. He would be 45. Today is also Friday the 13th, which he was born on Friday the 13th, too. I always thought that the whole Friday the 13th superstition was dumb because Podge was born on that day, and I remember telling people that when I was a kid. Anywho, Podge has been on my mind a lot more than usual lately. Mostly because I was anticipating his birthday today, but also because I had my surgery this week and have been home sick by myself most of the time. I remember when I was a kid and would stay home sick, a lot of times Podge would stay home with me just for kicks. It was the best. He would make me grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, and we would watch old movies. He loved Cool Hand Luke. I loved Crocodile Dundee. Since I moved back home a few months ago, I have been driving past a lot of places and being reminded of him in many things I see around the Bay Area. One place that I always see that reminds me of him is…


 CASPER’S HOT DOGS! I can’t think of another food that reminds me of my Podge more. There were so many days when I would tromp into Casper’s in my baseball cleats and tee-ball uniform. Podge would always take us to the Casper’s on C Street in Hayward, because it was near the baseball fields we used to play at. When we moved out to Tracy later on in the mid-90’s, he would stop at the Casper’s on Foothill in Castro Valley every now and then on his way home from work and bring us home a hot dog. We discovered later that you could buy the dogs from Costco, but they just weren’t the same. There is something about that finely grated cheddar. and the bun-steaming machines inside the Casper’s restaurants that make them out of this world. People in LA brag about Pink’s, but I have to admit, there is just no comparison to Casper’s.


I was also reminded of Podge earlier this week at Kaiser. I had to get some blood drawn and the nurse in the lab who helped me was named Claire. Besides my most popular nickname, Queen, Dad also used to call me Claire sometimes when I was little. It was short for another name he made up for me, and I have no idea where it came from.  He would call me Chang Lau Loopie Saint Claire. He had all kinds of these multi-nationality, run-on names for all of us. He would call Bobby things like Cleetus or Jones, and would combine them with whatever other words he came up with that day to make the name longer and more outrageous. Whenever we played a game, he would fill out the score cards and write simply “Shaun” for his name, and then write out “Chang Lau Loopie Saint Claire” for my name. His sense of humor and imagination was out of control!

There are tons of other things that remind me of him that I see from time to time, so I will share them with you Party Peeps as they come up. For now, I am going to wrap it up. I’m due for another dose of meds and am starting to feel a bit nauseous from looking at the computer screen (Ahh, the joys of recovery). I hope all of you find smiles and joy in your memories of Podge. Feel free to share a story or reminder of him if you want. I would love to read them!

Party on Podge,



Sending Kisses to Doggie Heaven February 21, 2009

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Rest In Peace, Ginger Elaine

Rest In Peace, Ginger Elaine


Ginger, If you are reading this from your puppy laptop somewhere in the clouds, I want you to know that you were a good girl. You were the best girl.  We miss you so much already 😦 Though our hearts were breaking yesterday when we had to say Goodbye to you, we know that it was much better for you to not have to feel the pain anymore. Your normal spunk and playfulness was no longer apparent, but we will never forget it; The way you used to trot over to me on the couch and lay your head on my knee; The way you used to sneak into the kitchen when we were in there, almost to say, “Look, no one is around, just slip me a piece of ham”; The way you used to wake up from a nap, all relaxed and calm, only to sporadically throw yourself onto your back and roll around with all four legs in the air in a random fit of excitement – that was hilarious. The thing I will miss the most is how Grandmother-ly you were, especially to Murphy. You would move your big, curvy frame around like you were a puppy again when you would play with him, and would always come to his defense when Makana would get too sassy. And even though it was probably really annoying, you would let Murph lay next to you and chew on your lips and legs forever. Thank you for being so tolerant and patient with Murph, and with Makana for that matter. Thank You for being such a good girl and always making us laugh at your goofy traits and funny looks. Thank You for knowing when we were ever sad or paying attention when we cried – I know that you knew when we were upset because you would take your paw and put it on our legs or arms, and you would look at us like, “Hey, I’m here if you need to talk”. I could almost see you throwing an apron on and going into the kitchen to bake some cookies. You were, like, Grandma Gingey 🙂

We will never forget you, Ginger Elaine. May you find an endless supply of Cheeseburgers and lots and lots of Treats in Doggie Heaven. xoxo

Party On Gingey Pants,



Yay! Photo Blog! January 8, 2009

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Happy Thursday, Party People! One more day til TGIF…Bow chicka Bow wOWWW!! I decided to do something different for my blog today, since my last few posts have been ginormously long. So, this afternoon over my bell pepper and hummus lunch, I scanned some photos 🙂 Woohoo! These are some of my most cherished pictures…so enjoy!


By far, my most favorite photo I have. This is Dad, Mom, my brother Bobby and I in May of 1987 at my Great Grandma Fyfe’s house in San Leandro, CA. I just turned 2, and Bob was 2 mos. old. Check out Dad’s shorts…they’re rockin’!


1993 – My 3rd year of Baseball! Of course, I played on all boy’s teams when I was little because I was just that cool. The kid sitting to the right of me, I think his name was Emilio, used to play Left Field. When he got tired, he would just sit down during the game and pick his nose. Crazy MoFo.


Here is Ariel Hope Chapel when she was a behbeh. She thinks that she looked like a quote “Buddha Baby” when she was little. I think she looks adorable. Awwzz 🙂


My step-dad, Jim, in 1963. From what I hear, he caused lots of trouble when he was a kid. He hasn’t changed a bit 🙂


My Junior Year (I think) of High School, Winter Ball/Girl’s Treat. We went to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner and ended up on a Magic Carpet Ride. This was a month after I shattered my pelvis playing softball. You wouldn’t know it from this position I’m sitting in, but I actually was in a wheelchair that night. Cheers to special treatment and kick ass parking spaces.


Sophomore Year of College at the Art Institute of Orange County, Halloween. The girls and I dressed up as Misfit Prom Queens for a Halloween Contest. Erica was the Punk Rock Prom Queen. I was the 80’s Prom Queen. Megan was the Drunken Prom Queen, and Monica was the Knocked Up Prom Queen. We lost the contest to the Blue Man Group. Such a tragedy, in my opinion.

That’s all for now, Party People. Enjoy your lunches (guess you’ve probably finished them by now). And have a great Thursday – New Grey’s Anatomy tonight! Chhhyyeah!