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Oh Wittle Puppy Scnookums Cakey Beans! March 16, 2009

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Tomorrow is Murphy’s second birthday. For those of you Party Peeps that don’t have the awesome chance of knowing me in real human life, Murphy is my little rascal Tibetan Terrier. I got him when he was nine weeks old and have been glued to him ever since. He is the most spoiled dog that I know. He sleeps in my bed each night…under my down comforter…with his head on my pillow. And has his own special cabinet full of t-shirts and sweaters (he’s a little guy, he gets cold!) He always looks like he is smiling, and has an infectious way of passing on this trait to everyone he meets. He loves anything that moves: humans, dogs, cats, flies, feathers falling from the air. So, back to tomorrow. Yeah, he was born on St. Pat’s day (hence the Irish name) and tomorrow is the Big 2! In celebration of his birthday, I am sharing with you a video of Murph two years ago. This was taken on the day that I brought him home, May 19, 2007. I originally emailed it out to my family so that they could see him, hence the reason he is “talking” to his family 🙂

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating his birthday at his Gma and Gpa’s house, with his favorite Aunt Makana. We will of course have a traditional Irish meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage (my fave!), and I am going to stop by the Puppy Bakery and get some birthday treats. I’ll definitely post some pics of the St. Birth-rick’s day festivities! 

Party on MurphyPants,