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Nik’s Notes: Popcorn January 22, 2009

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Good Evening Party Peeps….Kind of a late post, I know. I spent my lunch today recruiting Etsians for my Valentine Exchange, so I figured I would spend some time with you kiddos this evening to make up for my lunchtime abandonment this afternoon. I have seven minutes before my date with Michael Scott and The Office gang, and I’ve had four two glasses of wine, so I thought I would share some handy dandy tidbits that I learned on Good Eats tonight. I was MOST excited for this episode, as the topic was POPCORN! Woohoo, only my most favorite snack 🙂 I learned many things about this grand snack of all snacks, so I shall share. Hopefully these crucial pieces of trivia will convince all of you that Popcorn may very well be the most divine morsal of food that we can consume, and confirms the thought that each of you should become a Popcorn Lover of the World. So, some Popcorn Points for you to Ponder…Party People!! 🙂

  • Popcorn was introduced to the Eastern US when whalers brought it in from Chile.
  • Theatre owners used to rent space outside of their cinemas to popcorn vendors who used to move their carts around the city.
  • Early Americans would use sand to pop corn. They would fill a bowl with sand, put the kernels on the top and place it over the fire. As the sand heated up, the kernals would pop up at the surface, and Voila!
  • There are hundreds of different kinds of popcorn. To name a few: Pink Diamond, Purple Amethyst, Baby Black Pearl, Southwestern Gold, Baby Blue Sapphire, Petite Princess Sapphire (I wonder if they are all named after precious gems?) **Note to self: Find an organic, Mom and Pop popcorn vendor who sells many different types like these!
  • This one is a kick in the pants: At movie theatres in South America, people eat ROASTED ANTS instead of Popcorn! Shut your mouth!
  • Popcorn was first marketed after the Civil War. It was a cheap snack, and brought people together as everyone would sit around and pop it together. They would use wire baskets on handles, over open flames.
  • Cracker Jacks were invented by F.W. and Louis Ruekhelm in 1893. The prize was added in 1912.
  • Believe it or not Popcorn was actually an American breakfast cereal before it was a snack. W.K. Kellogg developed Corn Flakes because he couldn’t figure out how to market pre-popped Popcorn.
  • Popcorn is FANTASTIC for you! (Well, the homemade kind, at least. Let’s try to stay away from Movie Theatre Butter crapola popcorn, k Party Peeps?) . It is high in fiber. Dentists love it because it is a sugar – free snack. And doctors love it because there are no additives, preservatives or dyes. Woohoo! Sounds like a great snack to me!

Get your Popcorn on, Party Peeps! Time for some Michael Scott 🙂

Pop On Wayne,