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Mo`oku`auhau July 9, 2009

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Happy Lunching, Party Peeps! After my relaxing night last night, I woke up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to seize the day! I breezed through tons of work this morning, and am spending my lunch break typing up my Mo`oku`auhau. My what, you say? My family geneology, silly. Next week, the Broski and I are headed to the sandwich islands for a plethora (I love using that word), yes a plethora of events including a Family Reunion at the Royal Kona and some r&r at Gramp’s house on Kaua`i (and, this just in! Tubing down old sugar cane ditches!) We will also be stopping in O’ahu for my Great Grandmother, Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller’s memorial service. To pay respects to my incredible grandmother, and the hawaiian heritage that she (and I) came from, I will be reciting my Mo`oku`auhau. It is a verbal family tree, per se, going down the lineage of how our family came to be. I originally researched and wrote my Mo`oku`auhau at a hula camp I participated in almost ten years ago on Kaua`i, and surprisingly have it memorized still today. I feel very blessed to know what my heritage is, and be part of a “researching” family who knows so much about so many generations that far back. There is always a huge geneology room set up at our family reunions so I will be sure to take lots of pics and hopefully blog about some new family members I have learned about. Here is my Mo`oku`auhau (translated in English at the bottom).

`O ke`ia ka mo`oku`auhau `o ka ohana `o Muller Keka`ula Palaualelo. 

`O Palaualelo ke kane, `O Kamakolu ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Mary Ann Keka`ula Palaualelo. 

`O Waldemar Maximillian Muller ke kane, `O Mary Ann Keka`ula Palaualelo ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Emil Maximillian Muller.

`O Emil Maximillian Muller ke kane, `O Rose Beniamina ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller. 

`O Robert Benzie Fyfe ke kane, `O Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Kai`opua Fyfe. 

`O Kai`opua Fyfe ke kane, `O Betty Nadine Wallace ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Shaun Alan Fyfe. 

 `O Shaun Alan Fyfe ke kane, `O Denise Lynn Moskus ka wahine, Noho pu laua a ua hanau `ia `o Nichole Nadine Keka`ula Fyfe. 

This is the family geneology for the family of Muller Keka`ula Palaualelo.

Palaualelo, the man and Kamakolu, the woman, gave birth to Mary Ann Keka`ula Palaualelo. (My Great-Great-Great Grandma)

Waldemar Maximillian Muller, the man and Mary Ann Keka`ula Palaualelo, the woman, gave birth to Emil Maximillian Muller.  (My Great-Great Grandpa)

Emil Maximillian Muller, the man and Rose Beniamina, the woman, gave birth to Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller. (My Great Grandma)

Robert Benzie Fyfe, the man, and Annabelle Kaluna`alanui Muller, the woman, gave birth to Kai`opua Fyfe. (My Grandpa)

Kai`opua Fyfe, the man, and Betty Nadine Wallace, the woman, gave birth to Shaun Alan Fyfe. (My Dad)

Shaun Alan Fyfe, the man, and Denise Lynn Moskus, the woman, gave birth to Nichole Nadine Keka`ula Fyfe. (Me!)

*Cool Fact:  I am named after my Great-Great-Great Grandma, Mary Ann Keka`ula Muller. My birthday is on May 9th, and hers in on May 19th! I am on the lookout for more cool facts that we have in common.

Celebrate your fam, Waynes!



PSA: Do not fret, I am Alive :) January 27, 2009

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Hi Party Peeps…I know, I know, I have been MIA for a few days. I just wanted to poke my head in to let all of you in blogland know that I am alive. I am just incredibly swamped at work at the moment…Winter Market at SF Design Center next week! Crazyville around these parts until then…I’ll try to check in tonight or tmw, but until then, Hope you are all having a fabulous week!




Pee Ess… January 5, 2009

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I wrote a blurb/mini-biography about moi, for those of you don’t know me personally. You see that little Blue Box up there in the top right hand corner? Jut click on that bad boy..

Oh, you saw it already? Ok, I’ll shut up now. Happy Blogging 🙂

Party on Wayne,