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Request: Please Don’t Smack Me (Just Send Me Your Ideas!) July 7, 2009

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*tap tap tap* Ahem…Hiya Party Peeps! Um, remember me? Yes, I am blogging from behind my handy dandy steel knight’s shield for this homecoming blog. I am fully prepared to dodge all tomatoes and shoes that may be thrown at me tonight for abandoning you fine people, so g’ahead. Bring it on. I deserve it. Just don’t hold it against me that I have mad medieval shielding skills. I am, however, sowwy 😦 I wish I could tell you that I have not been blogging because I have been doing important, worldly things such as ending world hunger or courting Bradley Cooper, but the truth is, well, I’ve kinda just been hanging out. Took a few trips, started to get back in shape and scored a sweet tan along the way (even though my face is on the verge of peeling off as we speak). Believe it or not, I have been making some progress on my 101 in 1001 and will update accordingly later this week. One of the goals on the list actually is going to make my blogging a whole lot easier, too: My Gramps got me an iPhone for my birfday so now I can blog remotely! Who knows what I might share with ya’ll now. Stay tuned! There are lots of many exciting things coming up and promise to be more in touch along the way.

For now, however, I need your help! I know, right, some nerve I have abandoning you and then putting you to work all of a sudden! Some parent I am 🙂 But I think you might have some fun with this one. So, party peeps, let me tell you about my latest undertaking: A good ol’ fashioned summer Scavenger Hunt! Woohoo! The newspaper for the county I live in, the Contra Costa Times, is hosting a summer travel Scavenger Hunt that I am participating in to spice up my summer travels and have some fun capturing unusual things. I have until August 26th to find as many things on the list as possible, and document them by taking a picture with me in it. The newspaper has various categories in which to win, and are giving away different prizes for each. After reviewing the list, the issue now is actually FINDING these things! They are tough! The only rule (besides me being in each photo) is that I have to find the items outside of the SFO Bay Area. That is where you come in, Party Peeps! I have listed below the items I need to find, and am formally requesting your assistance in pointing me in the right direction! If any of you know of something in this list in your town, or in another town outside of the Bay Area, help a girl out! So far this summer, I have trips planned to visit my Grams in the Sierra Foothills in California, to visit my Gramps in Hawai`i and to visit the Lover in Southern California again so I will definitely be looking to fulfill the list in those areas. However, if you have suggestions outside of those areas, please mention them anyway! I just might be willing to make a special roadtrip for that item! I know what you’re thinking: What do I get outta this? So, for every suggestion I receive that turns into an actual submitted photo, I will post the photos along with the suggestions and suggesters, upon completion of the hunt. It will then be up to all of you to vote on the most creative suggestion. That winner will then receive a personalized crafty craft, (it will be something good!) handcrafted by yours truly, via mail. Deal? So, on with it! Here is the list! Your cash donations suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  • Town Mascot
  • Gas Station adapted for a different use
  • Professional Fisherman with Catch
  • Town Square Clock
  • Headstone inscribed with date before 1800’s
  • Double-Decker Bus
  • Dog on the Beach
  • Me assisting a Street Performer
  • A Real Outhouse (no Port-a-Potties allowed)
  • Red Barn
  • Sign with Mother’s, Ma’s or Mom’s on it (or foriegn equivalent)
  • Cobblestone Street
  • Oversized Animal Sculpture
  • Outdoor Pay Phone
  • Statue or Art made entirely from edible food
  • A sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny
  • A Camel (bonus point if not in the Zoo)
  • Town Sign with Population of 100 or less
  • A former Jail
  • Something unusual not on the list

I plan on finding a few of these things in Old Town Columbia this weekend in the Sierra Foothills, and will post pics along the way to let you know what I’ve found. So, fire away Party Peeps! 

Party on Waynes,



Travel, Schmavel… March 31, 2009

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Hiya kids…Remember me? You’re long lost blogger pal who abandons you every now and then? I know I am loved and forgiven, you don’t have to mention it. Lots has been going on since we last talked folks! Celebrated a few birthdays, Had a few reuniting dinners, made some big travel plans for the summer, lost an organ – Ya know, the usual.

The biggest thing on my plate right now is my Social Calendar. The reality is that from now through Fall it seems my weekends have mysteriously just been booked. I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know who pencils in these trips in my datebook…it just happens. Must be the vacation gnomes. Here are some of the highlights and bunches full of excitement that I am going to be partaking in over the next few weeks. Should you be in any of the areas where I will be, give me a holler and let’s have a glass of wine or four together!

  • This weekend is my Aunt Stacy’s Going Away Party.  She’s abandoning us moving to New York to be with her sweetie pie, Nancy, so in celebration of that we will be throwing her a shindig filled with lots of gag gifts and schmoozing. I am pulling for Pin The Tail on the Donkey, but my Grandma said No. Who tells their Grandkids NO to P.T.T.O.T.D.??
  • The next weekend, I am abandoning the fam going to see my sweetie pie in LA. Chyeah! I will also get to see my dear newly-blonde pal, Stacy for her birthday. The weekend will close with a much-anticipated Easter fest at Raech & Jack’s new digs! I can’t wait to see the grass green living room and catch up with my dear friends who I miss sooooo much 🙂
  • The weekend after that the boy is coming up for camping at Dhillon’s Beach! Ya, I get to see him TWO weekends in a row! What a lucky girl. We’re loading up the fam and the pups and spending the weekend on the coast. If we’re feeling really ballsy, we might even take a jump in the Arctic Pacific Ocean and catch a few waves.  All depends on if we are in the mood for a little Hypothermia.
  • The weekend after THHATTT is the sassiest of all sassafrass. I’m not sure I should even say it out loud; The sass gods might strike me down. I’ll say it quickly – OhMyGoshTheGirlsAreComingUpFromL.A.ForAWineWeekendInSonoma… GirlsOnlyOnTheLoose. And that’s all we’ll say about that! I can hardly contain my excitement.
  • Two weekends after THHATTT is…hold your horses…NOLA! Yet another Girls Weekend…on the loose in the French Quarter. Holy Beads, Batman! It has always been a dream of mine to spend my birthday in New Awlins, and this year I get my wish! (And my lucky number is 9, and it’s 2009…wierd!) PLUSSS, my Gramps is joining us for the birthday dinner so I will be with some of my favorite peeps!
  • Last but not least, the bro and I have begun planning our trip to Hawaii this summer for the Muller-Keka`ula Family Reunion. We have lots of cool things in mind and are sooo looking forward to spending some time with the Gramps and the rest of the fam!

Stay tuned throughout the summer for pics and momentos from the festivities. In the meantime, I know all of you party peeps have some cool party plans going on this Summer. What are you doing? Let’s share! Yay – Show and Tell 🙂

Party On Travelers,